【Official】Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei

All the rooms and apartments that can see Mikawa Bay from the top floor view open-air bath

An inn with a Sea View.Nishiura Palm Beach in Mikawa Bay Quasi-National Park is a 1-minute walk away.

You can enjoy the delicacies of Mikawa Bay nurtured in the abundant sea while feeling the sea breeze and ripples that rush to the sea.
Live abalone porcelain plate dance grilled, A5 rank Mikawa Beef taste shabu-shabu, sashimi of Gamagori's Natural Akaza Shrimp...When,
Enjoy the seafood kaiseki cuisine prepared by the chief chef, including a gourmet plan where you can enjoy the three major high-class ingredients.
Please find your favorite plan as the cooking contents will differ depending on the plan.
【Meal in Room】If you choose a plan, we will prepare it in your room for both dinner and breakfast.

Hot springs are also said to be beautiful hot springs. "Beautiful spring』The view from the observation bath on the top floor is the pride of the hotel.

Please spend a relaxing time while being embraced by the scenic Nishiura sea.


  • Aichi Travel e-Money Campaign

    ◆Aichi Journey e-money campaign target facility◆
    【Until the night of July 14th】
    Point reduction for up to 7,000 yen per person! Aichi Journey e-money campaign will be held!
    For online reservations and direct TEL reservations, you must register yourself as a traveler on the Official website of the Aichi Journey e-Money Campaign and present the QR code provided at check-in.※A confirmation of accommodation reservation is required for registration.For direct TEL reservations, we will send you a confirmation letter, so please request by email or phone.
    In addition, there are various conditions for use, so please check the Official website of "Aichi Journey e-Money Campaign" for details.
  • Notice of completion of open-air bath renovation work (renewal opening)

    The bathtub repair work for the open-air bath on the 6th floor, which was scheduled between February 24th and March 24th, 4th year of Reiwa, was completed on March 18th.
    It will open from check-in on March 18th.
    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers during the period.
    Enjoy relaxing in the new bathtub!
    ※It is a gender exchange system.(15: 00-20: 00 Male/From 20:00 to 23:00 The next day from 6:00 to 9:00 Women)
  • Notice of "renovation work" for guest rooms on the 6th floor

    From June 1st to July 25th (scheduled), some of the rooms on the 6th floor will be renovated.
    Due to the construction, noise due to the construction will be generated from 10:00 to 14:30.
    We apologize for any inconvenience caused to guests staying for consecutive nights, and thank you for your understanding.
    ※The image is a completed image.
    ※The scheduled completion date of construction may change.

【Reservation through the Official website is advantageous】

  • 3 special gifts

    Three special gifts for reservations from the Official website!

    Benefits ①, Gift for 1,000 yen in the facility (1 per room)
    Benefits② Morning coffee ticket present(Adults only)
    Benefit ③, Early Check-in (Usually 15: 00 ⇒ 14: 30)

    ※3 Awards are limited to customers who apply for 2 meals per night. (Excluding group plan)
    ※Bonus ① can be used for souvenirs and drinks at dinner. It cannot be applied to the accommodation fee.

pick up

  • Aichi prefectural limited accommodation plan!

    Aichi citizens only/Promotion of travel within the prefecture
    Micro tourism☆彡
    Aichi citizens! Thank you for your support!

    【This plan privilege】
    ① Cooking upgrade
    ② Value the price!
    ③ If you order a set of 4 types of sake "Aichi Kacho Fugetsu" that you can only drink while traveling, we will offer it at a special price.≪2,400 yen ⇒ 1,500 yen≫

    Please see the plan details for details!
  • Nice benefits of the sea bathing season!

    At this facility, which is a 1-minute walk to the Beach "Nishiura Palm Beach", we are taking the following measures so that you can fully enjoy the beach!

    ① Parking lot & changing room available from 11:00 before check-in
    ② Parking lot & large communal bath on the second floor can be bathed until 14:00 after check-out
    ③ A lottery ticket will be given to children from July 23rd to August 21st.

    Nishiura Palm Beach is a beach with calm waves and is perfect for children's beach debut!

Organizers Must-see! Various group plan

  • All-you-can-drink group plan

    Year End Party, New Year Party, Alumni association, etc., Secretary must see!
    【Easy banquet】1 Night/ 2 Meals·All-you-can-drink Included
    All-you-can-drink group plan, 13,000 yen(consumption tax·Hot spring tax included)merely!

    In addition, we also offer group plan and upgrade plan with pick-up.

    As the group plan is a special plan, please apply directly by phone.
  • 【Special plan for groups】Single floor rental plan single use is also possible!

    【Want to rent a room one floor? 】
    It looks like ...Appearance of plan did not exist!
    20 people or more can rent a room on the floor Sea View the Sea View!
    Exclusively on one floor, you can use the rooms freely for large groups or singles.
    Gathering of family and relatives, events between friends, company events, telework while watching the sea...
    No matter how it is used, the price is simply 12,000 yen per person for two meals per night!
    Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are available depending on availability.(Extra charge on Saturday, year-end party season)
    Please consult us first. (0533-57-6111)

Hotel Facilities

  • Banquet hall "Setsugekka"

    364 square meters with stage, Can be divided into 3
    Banquet for up to 200 people

    <option>Tax included
    ◆All-you-can-drink(120 minutes)3,300 yen
    (Liquor·beer·Soft drink)
    ◆companion(120 minutes)18,700 yen
     +4,675 yen every 30 minutes
    ◆At banquet karaoke(120 minutes)11,000 yen
    ◆Funamori (assortment of sashimi on a boat), From 11,000 yen
  • Banquet rooms

    School format: Up to 100 people

    Resort meeting plan【3 hours】
    Solo, \ 1,100
    (1 cup of coffee, tea, With wet wipe)

    Venue use only: Necessary consultation
  • Souvenir shop "Hana Kazura"

    To that person waiting ...
    Mikawa's confectionery and many specialties are available.
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Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei


3 Shiogara, Nishiura Town, Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture

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【Greeting from service manager】

  • Greeting from service manager

    Thank you very much for visiting our website this time.
    Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei “Akemi” of Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei and the second service manager.

    This facility was founded in 1972 and is celebrating its 50th anniversary.
    Many customers have come so far, and the voices of customers saying "I'm coming again" and "I'll come again" are more than welcome and thankful.
    In the future, we will continue to create a space where customers can relax and have a smile, and will make a good memory of staying at this facility.
    We look forward to welcoming you.

            Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei, Service Manager, Akemi Inayoshi

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