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Coronavirus measures

  • Coronavirus measures

    For the safety and security of our valued customers
    ~Guidance for new coronavirus infectious disease prevention measures~

    Based on "Guidelines for New Coronavirus in Accommodations (First Edition)",
    We will take measures to prevent infection.
    Understanding the safety and security of customers as a top priority and measures to reduce the risk of infection.
    Thank you. 

    【1】 Initiatives at this facility 
    1) We will thoroughly check the health of all employees when they come to work and regularly perform hand disinfection.
    2) All employees wear masks.
    3) We will instruct employees to consider maintaining social distance.
    4) Alcohol disinfectant will be placed in common areas.
    5) We will regularly sterilize the common areas.
    6) We will thoroughly ventilate common areas.
    7) We also ask the traders to wear masks and thoroughly manage hygiene.

    【2】 Requests to customers before arrival and during stay 
    1) If you have a fever or other symptoms on the day of your stay, please call in advance and refrain from visiting
    Please ...
    2) If you feel unwell during your stay, please inform the front desk.
    3) Please wear a mask when you move within the facility during your stay.
    4) Please cooperate with frequent hand sanitization during your stay.
    5) Please ensure a certain distance from other guests during your stay.

    【3】 Check-in 
    1) Upon arrival, the customer will be asked to disinfect and measure the temperature of their hands and to verify their identity.
    2) At check-in, in order to prevent congestion in front of the front counter,
    We will wait on the sofa and call you in order.Even if you wait
    We will secure a sufficient space between them.The table and sofa are disinfected after each use.

    【Four】 About provision of meals 
    1) Reduce the number of meals served and adjust the number of Nakai admissions.
    2) Nakai will disinfect your fingers every time you serve food.
    3) After serving the food, Nakai will explain the food while keeping a distance from the table.

    【Five】 About public bath 
    1) When it is crowded, please take a bath at a different time.(If the number of slippers is 8 pairs or more in the 2nd floor large bath and 6 pairs or more in the 6th floor observation bath, please shift them.)
    2) If there are many people in the group, we ask that you stagger the time.
    3) Perform regular cleaning and disinfection.

    【6】 About guest rooms 
    1) When cleaning the room, clean all surfaces with disinfectant.
    2) During cleaning, open the windows in the guest room to provide adequate ventilation.

    【7】 About elevator 
    1) Disinfect the elevator regularly.
    2) We ask that you refrain from sharing elevators as much as possible.

    【8】 About the shop 
    1) Please disinfect your fingers when you visit the store.
    2) Tasting at the shop is stopped.

    【9】 About dining halls 
    1) Please disinfect your hands when you visit the store.
    2) Reduce the number of seats to secure the space between customers.

    【Ten】 About the front desk 
    1) A vinyl sheet will be installed between the customer and the cashier to prevent splash infection.
    2) When paying at the counter, please enjoy the cash tray for cash and credit cards.
    I will use it.(Advance payment is recommended)
    3) One person on behalf of each guest is kindly requested to cooperate with the payment in advance so that the area around the lobby will not be crowded when checking out.(Payment will be accepted from 7:30 AM)

    【11】 About Nishiura Station transfer 
    1) Please disinfect your hands when riding.
    2) Please wear a mask while riding.
    3) While driving, open the window to drive.

    that's all.

    We will continue to take preventive measures in accordance with the guidelines and instructions from government agencies.
    Please understand.