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  • Gem of local production for local consumption "Crossover』

    Delivery of "local production for local consumption"
    【Crossover】¥1,800(Tax included)

    Crabs in Aichi Prefecture are the crabs. It is also called a crab. The official name “Gazami” means crab scissors. The deliciousness of the blue crabs is delicious miso.
    Please enjoy "Mori-Mari".

    ※We accept on the day, but the number is limited. If you can order in advance by phone, we will definitely prepare.

Chef's Recommendation, Order list of another order

  • ◆Shrimp of Shrimp Akabama (2) 4,400 yen, (1) 2,400 yen, “Fried deep-fried Mehikari, 1,100 yen”, Mikawa Beef porcelain plate, 2,400 yen, “Buttered salmon butter, 2,200 yen”, Toshio Big Clams Steamed liquor, 800 yen, "Sazae no salmon grilled, 1,300 yen," Salmon sashimi, 2,200 yen, "Asari sake steamed, 1,200 yen", Fried shrimp, 1,300 yen, "Fried chicken, 1,300 yen," Chawanmushi, 650 yen, “Tempura assortment, 1,600 yen,” scallop butter grilled, 1,500 yen, “boiled gratin, 1,100 yen,” pickles, 600 yen, “rice ball (1 piece), 220 yen,” sashimi assortment ( Pine) 6-7 points, 3,500 yen (bamboo) 5-6 points, 2,500 yen (ume) 4-5 points, 2,000 yen,◆Funamori (assortment of sashimi on a boat), From 11,000 yen

    ※Depending on the seasons and purchasing circumstances, we may not be able to respond to your order.
    ※The above rates include service charge and consumption tax.