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Banquet Plan

Secretary-like group plan with all-you-can-drink

  • Secretary must see!
    【Easy banquet】1 Night/ 2 Meals·All-you-can-drink Included
    All-you-can-drink group plan, 13,000 yen(consumption tax·Hot spring tax included)merely!

    Seasonal small bowl / Three-point assortment of appetizer season / Assorted sashimi / grilled salmon butter / Prawn beach grilled / Nagoya specialties Kishimen / Winter crab and crunchy sushi / Conger eel sushi / Fried fish pork / Salmon and young sprout Marinade / rice, soup, pickled vegetables / today's service manager sweets

    ☆Apply with 20 people or more,※The average room is 4 people or more.
    (Up to 20 people will be accepted depending on the reservation status. Please feel free to contact us)
    ☆Karaoke service (November, December, excluding Friday and Saturday)
    ☆November and December Fridays and Sundays increase by 2,000 yen (tax included)
    ☆On Saturdays and the day before holidays, increase by 4,000 yen (tax included)
    ☆Year-end and New Year holidays, GW, Bon Festival period, and other specified days are not eligible for this plan
    ☆The contents of the dish may change depending on the season.

    【option】Tax included
    ♦ Companion (120 minutes) is 18,700 yen, plus 4,675 yen for every 30 minutes of extension.
    ♦ Karaoke at banquet(120 minutes)11,000 yen
    ♦ Boat, From 11,000 yen
    【Second party recommended! 1st Karaoke Lounge "Sea Palace"】
    All-you-can-drink·Unlimited singing, 90 minutes, 3,000 yen, 120 minutes, 3,500 yen

    This plan is a special project, so please apply directly by phone.
    Tel: 0533-57-6111

    ※Currently, we do not allow the use of karaoke from the viewpoint of infection prevention.

"THE·Banquet "plan

  • 【The·Banquet】Overnight Stay Plan

    plan ① Ripple Banquet: 1 Night/ 2 Meals, 8,000 yen
    《Menu》Three flavored vegetables·Three kinds of sashimi·Seafood miso saucepan(Summer Season:Yanagawa style of Confucius)·Dried prawn salted with salt·Snow crab salad·Nagoya Specialty Kishimen·Savory egg custard·Deep-fried fish·Water juice·rice·Soup·Pickled Vegetables·Dessert

    plan ② Mikawa Banquet: 1 Night/ 2 Meals, 9,500 yen
    《Menu》Shunba small bowl, appetizer Three points of seasonal prime · Sashimi four kinds of prime · Butter roasted abalone · Beach shrimp bean-grilled · Nagoya specialty kimon · Winter melon and crab body delicious taste · Confucius Sushi · Fried chicken with octopus · Marinated buds · rice · soup · vegetables pickles · dessert

    plan ③ living room party: 1 Night/ 2 Meals, 12,500 yen
    《Menu》Shintake small bowl · three seasons of seasons · Rakuten shrimp sashimi, other three kinds · Mikawa Beef's taste shabu shabu · local fish cooked · butter abalone · butter roasted · egg-fried · egg-fried eggs · fried eggs · fried eggs · fried eggs · pickled vegetables · rice · soup · Vegetable pickles · dessert

    (Separately tax Hot spring tax 150 yen separately)
    ※It is a plan that only applies for 8 people or more.
     (It will be entered by more than 4 people in one room)
    ※Karaoke service of more than 20 people (excluding December Friday, November)
    ※Increased by 2,000 yen (excluding tax) on Friday and Sunday in November December
    ※4,000 yen (excluding tax) on Saturdays and the day before holidays
    ※"Riza wave banquet" excludes Friday and Saturday of November December
    ※Year-end and New Year holidays, GW, Bon Festival period, and other specified days are not eligible for this plan

    <option>Tax excluded
    ◆All-you-can-drink(120 minutes)3,000 yen
    (Liquor·beer·Soft drink·Shochu "pure")
    ◆companion(120 minutes)17,000 yen
     +4,250 yen every 30 minutes
    ◆At banquet karaoke(120 minutes)10,000 yen
    ◆Funamori (assortment of sashimi on a boat), From 10,000 yen

    【The·Banquet】Please apply directly by phone for the accommodation plan is special planning.⇒0533-57-6111

    ※Currently, we do not allow the use of karaoke from the viewpoint of infection prevention.
  • 【Day trip dinner plan】

    ~Day trip dinner plan~
    Ripples Kaiseki Cuisine from \ 4,400
    Mikawa Kaiseki set meal    From \ 5,500
    Three major taste feasts from \ 7,700 

    【Meeting  Field】Restaurant"Manyou』
    【Opening Hours】From 17:30 to 22:00(Last exit)

    Make a reservation by phone TEL0533-57-6111