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Surrounding tourism

  • Nishiura Palm Beach

    • Palm Beach in front of the hotel

      Beyond the hotel, behind the parking lot the beach

      Summer is crowded with beaches.The waves are calm and young children can enjoy swimming with a relatively safe swimming. You can go back and forth in a 1-minute walk from the hotel, and there are walking course.

      July 1 opens every year(Until 8/31)
      The following services are available only for guests staying at this facility during the sea bathing season.

      ○Parking is available from 11 o'clock before check-in, and changing rooms in this facility can be used.
      ○Even after check-out, you can enter the parking lot and bath on the second floor large bath until 14:00

  • Nishiura Garden

    • Sea and cherry tree

      Sakura and Mikawa Bay Nishiura Garden

      ~Sakura Festival~
      It is held on the first Saturday of April every Sunday. We invited guests who had visited the restaurant to enjoy sweet sake (free) and Mitarashi Dango (guest free).Night light up during the flowering period (from 18:00 to 21:00) is also conducted.
  • Neighboring attractions

    • Man'yo Path

      Just beside the hotel, a memorial poem that Man'yo Poet named after this land in a 500-meter promenade leading to Inamura Shrine is lined with flowers such as Murasakusibu · Shirahagi, which is said to be "Man'yo Flower", is a beautiful small diameter.
    • 50,000 shares of hydrangea

      Katanohara Ajisai no Sato

      The "Ajisai (hydrangea) Festival" will be held every year when 50,000 varieties of hydrangea, which are being planted in "Katahara Onsen Ajisai no Sato", bloom in June each year. There is evening light up and various entertainment during the period.Fireflies are also emitted in the back stream of the river, which makes the romantic space even more exciting.
  • tourist information


      It is the only general marine resort in the prefecture that wants nice rich Mikawa Bay. Entertainment, gourmet & shopping, thalassotherapy to hot springs, it is an extremely popular spot where you can enjoy all kinds of leisure style.
    • Gan Fuji Temple

      Built Heian Time Period (780 - 1180), it is a famous temple for cancer seal.Cancer prayers can be accepted every day, and you can hear the unique anti cancer prevention legs by occupation.Worshipers visit from all over Japan, you can also Sembutsu Cave Tour that modeled Chinese Sekkutsu Jiin in the back of the main road.
      Specialty Kaizen Menu are on request.
    • Takeshima

      The symbol "Takeshima" of Gamagori that is tied to the land with a bridge of 387 meters in length.The small island of 620 meters in the circumference and a total area of ​​19,000 square meters, the autonomy of 238 kinds of higher plants in 65 families has been confirmed, and the aspect covered with the elephant broad-leaved trees unique to the warm temperate forest is a landscape with the pine wood forest on the opposite side It is different.There are no such examples in the Tokai Region, the entire island is designated as a natural monument of the country.
      In the central part of the island is one of the Japan Seven Benzaiten -Renten, and there is "Yaotomi Shrine" which is also known as god of fortune-telling, relief and marriage.There is a promenade that can be reached around 30 minutes around the island, and you can enjoy the views of both the sea and the island.
      From early April to late June you can also enjoy a tidal harbor on the Takeshima Beach.
    • Takeshima Aquarium

      About 500 kinds of creatures are constantly exhibited and about 4,500 living creatures are exhibited.
      The number of exhibits of deep-sea creatures is the nation's most proud.
      It is popular with a powerful full-hearted sea lion show, capybara show, and "touching pool" that can actually touch living things.
      Exhibit organisms are displaying both sea water and freshwater (rivers and lakes, etc.).
      Exhibits are constantly changing, and exhibited organisms change every day from day to day.
      It is a homely aquarium where you can relax and see the living things in a relaxed atmosphere in the facility.
    • Ocean of Life Science Museum

      It is an exhibition facility that allows you to experience the 4.6 billion years of "earth, ocean, life" in a clear and easy-to-understand manner with meteorite, fossil specimens and computer graphics.In the exhibition room you can touch the fossils and rocks of various eras, and you can experience the ancient ocean while enjoying the "journey to the sea of ​​life" with the game feeling with the large screen of 200 inch at the museum theater.
    • Gamagori Orange Park

      You can experience various kinds of seasonal fruit hunting including "Mikan" special product of Gamagori-shi.
    • Big Camphor Tree of Seida

      It is said that it is over 1,000 years old with large representative trees in the Chubu district.Currently it is surrounded by oranges, but there is a legend that many camphor trees have been flourishing all around here, and the state of the situation from the fact that the mountain of the nearby Yasudaji is "Kusubayashi Mount" You can see.Country designated natural treasure.Around trunk 14.3 m

      It is an exhibition facility that expresses the mysterious world with about 50 million shellfish collected from 110 countries around the world.You can enjoy splendid shellfish such as coral reefs, dragons and Ryugin castle using 5 million shells.You can also see ancient fossils and odd stones.