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  2. ~Service manager's speech date~

~Service manager's speech date~

  • June 1, Heisei 30
    The website has been renewed!
    Also we will update regularly, so please drop in here as well☆
                                ~Service Manager, Akemi~
  • Ajisai (hydrangea) Festival, thanks to the 30th anniversary
    【Hydrangea sparkling in the seven colors and firefly coloring the night sky, weaving space only in June】
    The “Ajisai (hydrangea) Festival” will be held every year for 1 month from June 1st to 30th, with 50,000 varieties of Katahara Onsen Ajisai no Sato being planted in the “Katahara Onsen Ajisai no Sato”. Thanks to you for bringing us to the 30th anniversary, there are even night light ups and various entertainment during the period.The light-up "Ajisainosato" can be enjoyed by customers in a different mood from daytime. The hydrangea garden lit up until 9:30 pm brings out a fantastic atmosphere.Fireflies are also emitted in the Ogawa in the back, further enhancing the mysterious and romantic space.
  • Hello☆
    It began when the rainy season started and the hydrangeas are in full bloom beautiful.
    As soon as the Hydrangea period ends, summer will come!
    Speaking of summer seas bathing! Play at the beach in front of the hotel and play in the big bath as it is ...And at night you like relaxing and having a cuisine?
    We have you introduce this facility by summer feature of "Onsen NEWS.com".
    Please check it☆
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