【Official】Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei

≪Limited Time Only! Even after the tax increase, it remains unchanged at 12,000 yen! Autumn gratitude plan☆≫

  • 【Autumn thank you】This price remains the same after the tax increase! 12,000 yen is awesome! With 5 benefits!

    Even after the tax increase! Anytime \ 12,000 -!
    The popular "Pokkiri! Gratitude Price ☆ Anytime ₩ 12,000 -!"plan
    Reservations can be made from 2 people on Saturday! (Usually 5 or more)
    Room meals for dinner and breakfast!

    With nice benefits!
    Benefit 1, Table tennis 30-minute free ticket
      2, Seafood store(Stop by)Shopping discount coupon
      3, Coupon Book "Gamapon" can be used in Gamagori city
      Four, Early Check-in, Usually 15: 00 ⇒ 14: 30
      Five, Karaoke Lounge "Sea Palace" Prize ticket

Pickup plan☆Christmas plan champagne cocktail and cake☆

  • + ゚ *.: ゚ + Merry Christmas + ゚: ¡* Tonight with important people···

    How will you spend this Christmas week?
    Spend a wonderful time with your loved ones and your family at this facility.
    Relax and relax in the rooms overlooking the quiet Mikawa Bay···
    From “Kikkei”, you will receive a Christmas cake with a glass of champagne cocktail at the dinner.
    Of course, meals, dinner and breakfast are room meals!
    With live crab, snowy legs, river pigs, and A5 rank Mikawa Beef···We will prepare it in a luxurious menu!

Hotel Facilities

  • Banquet hall "Setsugekka"

    364 square meters with stage, Can be divided into 3

    <option>Tax included
    ◆All-you-can-drink(120 minutes)3,300 yen
    (Liquor·beer·Soft drink)
    ◆companion(120 minutes)18,700 yen
     +4,675 yen every 30 minutes
    ◆At banquet karaoke(120 minutes)11,000 yen
    ◆Funamori (assortment of sashimi on a boat), From 11,000 yen
  • Banquet rooms

    School format: Up to 100 people

    Resort meeting plan【3 hours】
    Solo, \ 1,100
    (1 cup of coffee, tea, With wet wipe)

    Venue use only: Necessary consultation
  • Souvenir shop "Hana Kazura"

    To that person waiting ...
    Mikawa's confectionery and many specialties are available.
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Hotel Name

Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei


3 Shiogara, Nishiura Town, Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture

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≡ Service Manager Greeting ≡

  • greeting

    Thank you very much for visiting our website this time.
    Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei “Akemi” of Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei and the second service manager.

    This facility was established in 1972 and is about to reach 50 years.
    Many customers have come so far, and the voices of customers saying "I'm coming again" and "I'll come again" are more than welcome and thankful.
    In the future, we will continue to create a space where customers can relax and have a smile, and will make a good memory of staying at this facility.
    We look forward to welcoming you.

            Nishiura Grand Hotel Kikkei, Service Manager, Akemi Inayoshi

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